About the author —


Shany Ebadi is a senior at the University of Southern California studying Political Science, with a concentration in Law and Human Rights, and a minor in Political Organizing in the Digital Age.

This blog was created for one of her writing courses, which focuses on the impact of public intellectuals on issues of social, political, and cultural importance, as well as the influence of punditry through an online blog.

Shany has spent years working on campaigns and legislative politics, from organizing field operations and outreach efforts, to implementing statewide strategy, influencing education policy, and advocating for campaign finance reform.

On campus, she serves as the Co-Chief Diversity Officer for Undergraduate Student Government, implementing diversity education and programming for an organization representing 19,000+ students.

In the future, she hopes to work as a campaign manager for progressive women and candidates of color running for local races in California.

A Los Angeles native, she enjoys film festivals, driving down PCH, eclectic bookstores, and wine bars lining the streets of Historic Downtown.